Government leaving ‘rugby league clubs to die’ say GMB Union

The GMB Union has blasted the Government’s decision to give Rugby League £12 million in its sport survival package.

The 13-man game received less than a tenth of rugby union, which received £135 million of the £300 million package.

That has angered the Union, whose players have spent the season playing on wage reductions.

The GMB have accused the Government of creating a two-tier system that favours rugby union in the Tories’ southern heartlands.

“This is hardly levelling up,” said Peter Davies, the GMB’s Senior Organiser The Tories have created a two-tier system that sees their rugby union mates getting a bung of cash, whilst leaving Northern Rugby league clubs to die.

“The government have sent a very clear message to the north, the game itself and the fans who make it; they don’t really understand or care about our game of Rugby League.

“Our message is clear; loans are all well and good, but we have asked for grant aid to be the priority in Rugby League. Unlike most politicians, we have actually sat down with clubs and looked at their financial predicament and it’s dire. Adding more debt is not the answer.”