Halifax Panthers boss Liam Finn reveals reason for Greg Eden exit

HALIFAX PANTHERS head coach Liam Finn has explained why Greg Eden did the club “a favour by wanting away” following an unsuccessful period at The Shay.

Eden signed for the Panthers ahead of the 2024 Championship following his release from Castleford Tigers.

However, Featherstone Rovers had been leading the race to sign the veteran winger before their failure to reach Super League scuppered the plan to recruit the 33-year-old.

That being said, Eden is now a Rovers player after securing a release from his contract with Halifax, with Panthers head coach Liam Finn speaking at a recent fans’ forum event about the reasons why.

Notes taken from the meeting reveal: “Greg Eden struggled with full-time to part-time transition. While it sounds easy, full-time, you are training each day, finishing early afternoon with a few days off.

“Part-time, you are learning a trade/working, then training 2-3 times a week in the evenings. Clearly not getting the best out of him on the field, and he’s probably done us a favour by wanting away.”

Eden will now link up with Rovers as Featherstone aim to continue their momentum in the Championship.

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