Holbrook feels sorry for relegation-threatened quartet

Justin Holbrook has expressed sympathy with the four clubs fighting for survival on Friday.

The St Helens head coach will be a distant spectator as his side take on Hull FC in a game that has no bearing on the relegation battle.

While all eyes will be glued to the four clubs involved, Holbrook admitted he wasn’t comfortable with the situation.

“While that’s exciting, it’s also horrible for those four, isn’t it?

“To have one of them have to go down isn’t a great position for anyone to be in.

“It’s exciting from a competition point of view, it’s going into the last round and that dreaded spot is up for grabs. But it shows how even the competition is down there, that’s for sure. That’s one good thing about it, but I’m sure if you ask any of the four about it, it isn’t a good position.”