Danny Ward trusts London’s Wakefield-bound players to do the job against their future club – even if it means relegating them

Danny Ward insists he has complete faith in his outgoing players to do the business for London in Friday’s relegation D-Day battle.

The Broncos head coach confirmed he has spoken to players within his group who are due to sign for Wakefield next season to ensure they’re in the right headspace.

Captain Jay Pitts and fullback Alex Walker are both set to link up with Wakefield next season but could play a part in relegating their future employers if the Broncos secure victory and Hull KR and Huddersfield both pick up wins.

But despite the obvious conflict of interest, Ward insists he has total trust in all of his players to do the best for the club, with victory securing them Super League status for another season.

“They’re all sweet,” Ward said.

“I had a brief chat with Abbo (Jordan Abdull) last week to make sure he was all fine, similar to this week with the lads that are going to Wakefield.

“I said to everyone last week about Jordan, then he went and performed.

“They’re all Broncos players. I trust them to go out there and do their job. There’s no dramas with me, I have faith in them to go out there and do everything they can for the club and their team-mates. There are no dramas my end, not at all.”

For London, the outlook is much clearer for them than the other four sides in the battle at the bottom.

Defeat will relegate the Broncos given their inferior points difference, but victory would guarantee safety.

“It’s non-negotiable, we have to get the win or it’s relegation.

“It was the same last week and that’s certainly not going to go against us. You do get confidence from winning those tight games. You draw on those experiences.

“The other results are totally irrelevant, I won’t be asking for the scores elsewhere. There’s nothing we can do about that but we can control what we are doing.

“Nobody is expecting anything from us. I want them to enjoy themselves, express themselves and if we crank the pressure on the rest of the teams then that’s great. We know what we’ve got to do.”