How new Leeds Rhinos recruit helped Bradford Bulls snap up Canberra Raiders man in Championship coup

IT’S a small world in rugby league – and players often get talking to other players to discuss their futures.

Two players that will play in England in 2024 played together at the Canberra Raiders in the NRL in 2023 – Matt Frawley and Mitch Souter.

Whilst Frawley is heading to Leeds Rhinos, Souter is at the Bradford Bulls with both men playing their part in pre-season friendlies for their respective sides already.

For Souter, however, Frawley was key to making the decision whilst the Leeds halfback has helped him to settle into the UK as well.

“Back home in Australia there were plenty of players, coaches, friends and family that I spoke to about moving here,” Souter told League Express.

“But I would say the one that stuck with me was Matt Frawley. I was playing with him in Canberra and when I heard about the opportunity to come over here, I got a coffee with him and the advice he gave me has really helped me with the decision.

“He has since made the transition and move a lot easier.”

In terms of settling in in the UK, it can be a difficult process for overseas players especially given the change in culture and weather as well being halfway across the world.

But, Souter has raved about the environment he is in at Odsal with his teammates welcoming him with open arms.

“I have settled in really well so far, I think a lot of that is down to the boys, they have been extremely welcoming and have taken me in.

“That being said the culture of the place is great. There is a really good buzz around the boys and the club this year and I think that stems from the top, our management and especially our coaches who have been great to us so far.

“The weather is not too bad at the moment as it’s a lot like winter in Canberra for me so it’s alright, however I am desperately missing the sun!”

When asked about his goals for the near future, Souter was clear: “Win and get to Super League”.

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