Ian Blease on whether Brad Arthur could stay for 2025, what he will bring and potential recruitment for next season

LEEDS RHINOS sporting director Ian Blease has revealed that former Parramatta Eels head coach Brad Arthur could still take charge of the Super League beyond his current deal.

Arthur has been appointed as head coach on a short-term deal until the end of the 2024 season, but Blease is still keen for the ex-Parramatta to sign for longer.

“There is the potential he could take charge next year but we are still having other conversations with other coaches,” Blease said.

“There are a number of hoops to jump through and processes to go through. I’m well on the track with doing that but things will stay within the club.

“It’s about their availability and there are a lot of things still to do. As a club we can learn a lot off Brad as he has got vast experience.

“People are sometimes scared of change but I like it, I think he will be the best candidate for now.”

So why is Arthur the best man for the job?

“He has got a presence when you talk to him. His man management style is second to none. I’ve watched documentaries about Parramatta and he comes across really well in the dressing room and in the media.

“He will being a lot of that skillset into the Leeds Rhinos camp.

“We will look at all options, nothing needs to happen for him. He is desperate to come here, he is on the flight already.

“He will have a look at the club, hopefully look at the coaches and improve the performances on the pitch.

“We have been inconsistent all year and everyone has admitted that. We want an improvement on the pitch and that’s what we are aiming for.

“We are still targeting the play-offs hence why we have done this.”

Blease also revealed that he and Arthur have talked about potential players joining the Rhinos in 2025.

“We have had conversations this morning about players wanting to come and join.

“We have got a tight cap next year and that’s been said before. We need to have a look at that properly.

“I will learn from him and we will work together on that.

“He is bringing family over but not the entirety as his daughters have got exams.”

Will Arthur have any input for Warrington’s fixture against Leeds?

“Brad will not have any input for Thursday’s game. Chev Walker and Scott Grix will take full control tomorrow night.”

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