Leeds Rhinos boss Rohan Smith forced to deal with “angry, gesticulating St Helens fans” following massive win

THERE were a number of flashpoints during Leeds Rhinos’ 25-24 win over St Helens last night, not least when the final whistle blew.

Leeds boss Rohan Smith was seen walking down the touchline only to be confronted by a number of Saints supporters.

Sky Sports pundit Brian Carney described the situation, stating: “Rohan Smith standing near by and dealing with some very angry, gesticulating St Helens fans.

“What problem they have with Rohan Smith I don’t know.

Carney went on: “(What are they) angry at? The defeat, the performance, some decisions?”

Meanwhile, things got even touchier when Sky Sports pundit Jenna Brooks began interviewing man of the match Aidan Sezer.

“I can tell you that I am witnessing something I have never witnessed in my career, there are a number of St Helens fans who have actually come down to the touchline.

“They are booing this player of the match and Aidan Sezer is dealing with it very well.”