Leeds Rhinos pitch latest with Super League fans in for a “surprise” at the progress

WHEN the Bradford Bulls came to Leeds Rhinos for a pre-season friendly back in late January, the Headingley pitch had been hit hard by an off-season event.

That event was the Awakening Concert – a celebration of culture both in the past and present of Leeds – and since then, the Rhinos have been hard at work attempting to recover the pitch.

Since then, head groundsman Ryan Golding has made marvellous strides.

“I’m really pleased how much of a difference we have made with the hard work from us since the Bradford game,” head groundsman Ryan Golding told the Leeds Rhinos website.

“We’ve done multiple things like feeding, constantly watering throughout the day. The seed we have used has been fantastic.

“We’ve also had a bit of a luck with the weather. We have had to apply the frost sheet a few times when it’s gone down to the minuses, but I’m really pleased actually.”

Golding also explained how people will be surprised by the progress the club has made in just a month.

“People will be a bit surprised when they see it. I said it would be completely different and I knew that from the research and experience where we have recovered it in the past. Hopefully it’ll be conducive to us getting the two points.”

There are still some parts of the pitch to get back up to full health, but Golding is positive.

“The other bits will come back in time, it will just take more hard work from us. It’s pretty unique getting it back at this time.

“Renovations at this time of year are unique, but the event was great for us. We managed in the recovery time to play a game at home and now we are on the way to recovery. All the time schedules have come to fruition.”