Leigh coach John Duffy enters furious war of words with Toronto chief Brian McDermott

Leigh head coach John Duffy has sniped back at Toronto counterpart Brian McDermott and accused him of spitting out his dummy following his comments about the Centurions.

The Wolfpack head coach described the Centurions of being “vicious” following last week’s match between the two sides, a game Toronto won 46-12.

McDermott accused Leigh of gouging and attacking the testicles of his players during the game, which produced four sin-bins during the game.

But Duffy has hit back at McDermott’s claims, denying the accusations.

“He (McDermott) seems like he has spat out his dummy because we were aggressive with them,” Duffy told the Leigh Journal.

“The words he has chosen are not true. They showed their class and what they are about and won the game.

“So, I don’t see why he has to come out with rubbish like that. To use ‘bully’ is a strong word and they need to look closer to home.”