Leigh Leopards make kit change following fan complaints

LEIGH supporters’ complaints over a radical alteration to the club’s kit as well as name have borne fruit following a rethink and a return to cherry and white.

The change of title to Leigh Leopards from Centurions, which owner Derek Beaumont believes will boost commercial opportunities, will still be reflected via a grey imprint on the white shirt.

But rather than black, the shorts will be red, meaning Adrian Lam’s side will  retain a traditional appearance, at least in terms of the colour scheme, when they run out in Super League next year.

Leigh are attempting to buck a trend of lasting just one campaign in the top-flight (that has happened three times), and while making a string of squad additions, Beaumont also wants a fresh approach off the pitch.

He reinforced his theory at a fans’ forum last week.

Beaumont believes it is important to move away from the perception that his club are living in the shadow of neighbours Wigan Warriors, whose DW Stadium is just a twelve-mile road trip from Leigh Sports Village.

And in an explanatory statement, the Leopards said: “Two teams with more than 100 years’ history in the same borough, both wearing cherry and white hoops, both crests depicting gladiator-style icons with a fighting spirit.

“To give ourselves an opportunity to forge a unique identity, a rebrand was decided to allow us to build a new look, new vision and evolve into a club everyone can identity.

“The decision to move the look of the brand forward, while still respecting our history, despite the initial critique, has been a planned, thought-out process.

“We hope you’ll agree, having seen that process, the badge now stands out from the crowd and gives our club a distinct and unique identity that cannot be mistaken.”

Leigh have appointed Richard Renda as a new sales and marketing non-executive director.

The 40-year-old long-time fan is managing director of the brand agency Manchester Creative Collective Marketing.