Leigh Leopards owner Derek Beaumont reveals signing of Castleford Tigers star

LEIGH LEOPARDS owner Derek Beaumont has confirmed the signing of a Castleford Tigers player.

Ahead of Leigh’s 28-28 draw against the Tigers on Saturday evening, Beaumont addressed a section of Leopards’ supporters following the impending exit of captain John Asiata, who will be joining Hull FC from 2025.

Beaumont took aim at the myth of the May 1 transfer deadline, which allows those out of contract players to agree terms with other clubs for the future.

“The 1st of May deadline is actually a completely pointless thing. As clubs, owners and CEOs, we all agreed at the latest meeting that we should just eradicated that and it’s fair game,” Beaumont said.

“Once a player goes into the final year of the contract then anybody can start negotiating because it’s what happens anyway. It seems odd to have this rule that makes it seem like you’re doing something naughty, but if you don’t do it then you’re disadvantaged.”

Beaumont then went on to reveal that the Leopards had actually signed a player from Castleford, but that the deal hasn’t been announced yet due to “correct etiquette.”

“So, that deadline has kind of been removed but it was a deadline to work towards so Chezzie (Chris Chester, Director of Rugby) would be getting players done. We’ve signed players that we’ve not announced yet, other clubs have signed players.

“There’s a player that has been signed from here (Castleford) that has not been announced by the club because that’s the correct etiquette.”

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