Leigh Leopards to host ‘the most spectacular performance’ owner Derek Beaumont has ‘ever seen in the UK’ for Super League opener

THE Leigh Leopards have certainly been doing their bit in terms of trying to raise the interest in rugby league for the past year.

Since their promotion from the Championship owner Derek Beaumont and his loyal team have been putting together a formidable side both on and off the field.

Part of that rejuvenation was the rebrand from ‘Centurions’ to ‘Leopards’ alongside ten new signings in a swanky media conference towards the back end of last year.

And ever since, the Leopards have been raising the club’s profile ever further with major boosts such as bringing in Scouting For Girls for their opening Super League game against Salford Red Devils.

A brand new kit has got people talking whilst Beaumont has been able to attract record sponsorship for 2023.

Now, the club has launched their new mascot ‘Leeto’ after seeking suggestions from fans. A poll followed with no conclusive result and the mascot’s name was then chosen after a young fan contacted the club.

Beaumont said: “We wanted fans to engage in naming the new mascot and whilst this proposal comes from only one person, and has not been voted on by the wider members, the board was unanimous that it should be used as the mascot’s name.

“An image was provided to me in a nice frame, it was obvious some thought and time had been invested into it. It was explained to me that Leeto is a South African boy’s name meaning “the one that embarks on an adventure” as displayed on the presentation.

“When I shared this with the board, it felt like fate that the voting had not worked, enabling us to consider this name in isolation. The board members all agreed that it was fitting.

“The fact that it is related to South Africa, home of the Leopard and more so the synergy of the club, embarking on a new adventure in the Betfred Super League.”

Leeto is currently undergoing final touches by its makers, the creator of the characters used in the TV show ‘The Masked Singer’.

“The dancer that will bring Leeto to life is currently rehearsing with the Gemstone dancers to create our opening performance on 17th February when Leeto will be announced in a blaze of glory as part of the pre match entertainment ahead of our Round 1 game against Salford Red Devils.”

“Whilst we have announced Scouting for Girls, who will definitely get a crowd going, the highlight and biggest investment of the night comes from the performance that follows the band’s opening 40 min set.

“I first saw these performers at Universal Studios. My family were absolutely blown away by what we saw, and it gave me the idea to share such an amazing spectacle with our fans. When I found out that they were largely UK based I really got the bit between my teeth, I was fully invested in something that blew any budget I imagined out of the sky.

“I can’t wait to see what will be the most spectacular performance I have ever seen in the UK. The whole night is going to be a memory to last a lifetime.”