Lindsay and Macy Burrow give tearjerking accounts of Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow’s battle with MND 

ONE of the most inspiring members of the rugby league fraternity took to our screens last night in one of the most tearjerking television programs aired this year. 

That man is of course Rob Burrow, whose fight against Motor Neurone Disease has been one of the most harrowing stories of the past few years following the Leeds Rhinos legend’s diagnosis back in late 2019. 

And the BBC documentary, Rob Burrow: Living with MND, portrayed just what a day in the life of Rob and his family is like. 

There were interviews with both eldest child Macy and wife Lindsay with Macy recalling how Rob is her hero. 

“My dad will always be my hero,” Macy said. 

“He’s just inspirational to me and he is my hero. Just thinking of my dad and how much he loves sports and how he was a very fast runner and I want to be like him. 

“I want to do him proud. I did write a biography on him at school. When he was born, it was the 26th of September, 1982 and he grew up with two siblings, Clare and Jo and his parents Irene and Geoff. And he loved rugby as a kid and even though he was small he was quite powerful. 

“He inspired me how he keeps going and he will inspire me until his last breath.” 

Lindsay’s account was equally as emotional. 

“I just can’t imagine life without Rob being here. But I know the legacy that Rob has left will stand the test of time. 

“Life was perfect we had everything. We had nice holidays and three beautiful children and what more could you ask for?  

“Looking back now you don’t understand how those little things are important. And with MND that completely changes and life is never going to be the same again. 

“First when Rob was diagnosed, I was the one that broke down in tears and Rob was like ‘pull yourself together’, he was always positive. There was never anyone else for me and Rob treated me like a princess. It’s a cliché love at first sight but I think that is true. 

“He always says ‘find somebody else you’re still young’ but there will never be anyone else. No one can take Rob’s place.” 

A heartwrenching moment in the documentary focused on Rob when he was at the hospital planning for end-of-life care with Lindsay breaking down in tears. 

“It’s really difficult to have those conversations with Rob, I like to plan and organise and Rob doesn’t like to talk about the future.  

“It’s important for me that I know his wishes so we have had those difficult conversations and I know what Rob wants.  

“I try not to think about the end because I can’t imagine a world without Rob and I think about the children and what effect it will have on them.”