Luke Walsh’s career in doubt following latest injury blow

Steve McNamara has admitted Luke Walsh’s status is unclear as a long-standing ankle injury continues to hinder the halfback.

The veteran playmaker has struggled with his ankle ever since suffering a horrendous leg and ankle break during his time at St Helens several years ago.

The condition of his ankle has deteriorated this year, leaving Walsh unable to take the field.

Les Dracs are still trying to determine the extent of Walsh’s problem, but have yet to come up with a conclusion.

Speaking to TotalRL, McNamara admitted the club wasn’t certain what the future holds for the halfback.

“If you remember back three years to the injury he suffered when he was at St Helens it was a horrific leg and ankle break and he did tremendously well to come back.

“But his ankle isn’t in the best condition and hasn’t been since that point. He’s having some difficulties with it right now and unfortunately, he isn’t going to feature for us over this next period of time and we’re looking in depth to the solution we can come up with.

“It’s very difficult to say (how long he’ll be out), he has good days and bad days with it but he does have a chronic ankle, so it’s difficult for him to determine from one day to the next what’s going to happen right now.”

With the long-term condition of Walsh up in the air, McNamara confirmed the club would not be going into the transfer market until they received clarification on Walsh’s well-being.

“Until it comes to the point where we know exactly where we are with Walshy that’s going to be difficult,” he said.

“We do have salary cap space left right now, but players are very hard to get at this stage of the season, so we’ll see what develops with Walshy before that.”

But McNamara laughed off talk that the club could re-register former halfback Thomas Bosc.

“It was an April Fools joke that one, honestly!

“I think it made the English papers. But the French papers ran it on April 1st and it got picked up!”