Magic Weekend moves to Elland Road as controversial decision to move away from Newcastle explained

THE 2024 Magic Weekend will be held at Leeds United’s Elland Road as the controversial decision to move away from Newcastle’s St James’ Park has now been explained.

Rugby League Live revealed this morning that Newcastle would no longer be the home of the concept as Elland Road takes the reins for what is expected to be the last year of the Magic Weekend.

There had been question marks over where and when the concept would be held next season with clubs keen for the event to go ahead despite IMG’s initial reluctance.

However, with IMG switching the Challenge Cup Final to the earlier months of the year, it meant that the Magic Weekend would take over the August finals slot that had traditionally been held for the Challenge Cup.

That did, however, mean that with Newcastle’s Premier League season starting in the same month there would have been serious and careful talks about when the concept would be held without disrupting the football side.

Ultimately, no agreement could be made with organisers instead aiming for Leeds United’s Elland Road.

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