Masoe walking again will be a success as Tony Smith confirms forward’s injury is career-ending

Tony Smith has confirmed Mose Masoe’s spinal injury will bring an end to his career.

Masoe underwent spinal surgery in the early hours of Monday after suffering a serious injury in the club’s pre-season friendly with Wakefield.

The 30-year-old’s condition has improved in recent days, but speaking at a press conference today, Smith confirmed Masoe won’t play again after confirming a successful outcome would be for Masoe to be able to walk again.

“This is a career-ending injury. If Mose is able to walk again that will be a success,” Smith said.

“I don’t want to paint a picture that everything is going to be fine and he’s going to be back doing things he used to do. It’s going to be a long old haul for Mose.

“I’m really proud to know him and to know the manner he’s conducted himself under the most extreme pressure. He’s a big, strong man who was very, very happy prior to the injury and he’s showing the same traits now. He’s putting everyone else at ease.

“Today he’s left intensive care and is being moved to Pinderfields which is the national spinal unit for spinal injuries so he’s going to the best place.

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“It’s only just now that he’s got out of intensive care so it shows you the extent of the injury. He’ll be better now going to a specialist environment, that’s for sure.”