Mose Masoe will be Hull KR’s co-captain in 2020

Hull Kingston Rovers have named Mose Masoe as one of the club’s co-captains for 2020.

Tony Smith has confirmed the forward’s career has been finished by the serious spinal injury he suffered last week.

However, the Robins had already decided Masoe would be one of the club’s captains for next season along with Weller Hauraki, who was also injured in the match.

Masoe walking again will be a success as Tony Smith confirms forward’s injury is career-ending

Despite the injury prognosis, Masoe will remain in his role as co-captain for the season.

Smith said: “I asked them both last week if they would be joint captains this year and they accepted. I gave them some time to talk about it together, and we are very proud to have Weller Hauraki and Mose Masoe as our joint captains.

“This isn’t a reaction to any recent occurrences, we want both these young men to represent our club and still do.

“Mose will play a role for us wherever he can, he will have some input and motivation into the team. He has already done that after he sent a video message. I do want everyone to understand it was agreed last week, that that was going to be the case and it hasn’t been a reaction to recent occurrences.

“We’re really proud that he’s going to stay involved and have a big impact on our team and club. We’re really proud to have them both as our captains.”