Naylor stepping out of the kitchen for Oldham’s cause

Oldham head coach Scott Naylor is ready to cook up a storm with Oldham, after deciding to sell his cafe.

The Roughyeds chief is preparing for his second year in the Championship with the Lancashire club after they consolidated their place in the second tier last year.

However, with the demands of the competition ever increasing, Naylor has decided to sell his cafe to focus solely on finding the right ingredients for success on the field next year.

“I’m trying to get rid of the business so I can concentrate on my rugby,” Naylor said.

“I own the building so I can rent it out and make money that way. I own a flat above it too.

“It was always the plan to do this, I just didn’t expect to do it this early. I didn’t struggle last year, but I found it very difficult doing them both at the same time. I could do it in League 1, but it was too hard in the Championship. I was walking around like a zombie half the time and it meant I couldn’t give my best on the rugby side of things. But I can fully concentrate on it now.

“It’s had quite a bit of interest so hopefully it can be sorted soon. It will go, but then again nobody wants to buy anything around Christmas.”

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