NRL players: Give Carney another shot!

78 percent of NRL players that voted in a poll by Australian magazine Rugby League Week believe that Todd Carney deserves another shot in the NRL, despite being sacked by a club for the third time.

Carney was sacked by Cronulla Sharks earlier this season after a photo of him on social media went viral. However over three-quarters of players polled believe Carney is worth another shot, with 68% saying that the incident shouldn’t have been enough for him to get sacked in the first place.

Speaking on NRL 360, both Anthony Minichiello and Willie Mason said Carney is worthy of another shot, with the Roosters full-back believing that solitary incident alone was not enough for him to be sacked.

“I think the incident alone probably shouldn’t have got him sacked but I’m hearing that there were other incidents that the club might have covered up and that was the last straw,” Minichiello said.

“But on that incident alone, I don’t think he should have got sacked, no.”

Mason added: “Yeah, I’m with you. It was the last straw where there were other incidents that got swept under the carpet. That was it, that was the last one.

“He deserves another chance,” Mason said. “He got the sack unfairly — whatever happened before that — but for him to come back into the NRL, he needs to come to a club and say ‘I’m not going to drink while I’m here’.

“Because all of these incidents are alcohol related. So he needs to go to a club and say ‘I’m not going to drink the whole time’, and promise it.”

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