Paul Gallen in social media storm with NRL

Cronulla Sharks and New South Wales captain Paul Gallen has issued a public apology, after being embroiled in a social media storm with the NRL earlier this week.

Gallen – who was on holiday in Hawaii at the time – sent out the abusive tweet following the news of Steve Noyce’s departure from Cronulla, after he was made redundant on Wednesday due to a management restructure at the club.

The tweet was deleted shortly after, but the NRL confirmed that the matter would be investigated. Hours later, Gallen posted a public apology on social media platform Instagram, saying:

“I would like to apologise to anyone I offended in my tweet yesterday and to anyone who took offence to the language I used,” Gallen wrote on Friday.

“I realise in the position I am in, this was unacceptable.”