Paul Wellens deems a London Broncos side in Super League as “important for the future” of rugby league

ST HELENS head coach Paul Wellens has deemed a London Broncos side in Super League as “important for the future” of rugby league in the northern hemisphere.

Much has been made of London’s predicament during Super League 2024, with Mike Eccles’ side braced for relegation without a ball even being kicked ahead of the season.

For Wellens, to persevere with a top flight club in the capital is imperative for the sport.

“Personally, I think yes. I’ve always loved playing down in London and going down there. The catchment area is huge,” Wellens said.

“Maybe in the past we haven’t always got it right down there but I think perseverance with a London team is important for the future of the game.”

Wellens is all too familiar with the challenges that London will pose to his side on Sunday.

“They are dangerous, they sit where they sit in the table but the games I have watched them in, they are a very attack-minded team and really challenge you.

“It is something we have worked hard on the last week tom nullify those threats. they are a challenging team with dangerous individuals in their team.”

Wellens has also hailed just how impressed he has been the way in which the Broncos have rallied.

“We give them credit, there is a lot of talk around promotion and relegation and whether people deem it fair or not.

“If you’re a team or player or within that organisation and faced with that challenge, you can only be impressed and it’s very commendable with the way they have approached it.

“Mike Eccles, in particular, has done a particularly good job to galvanise his squad in how they compete in difficult circumstances.”

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