“Plenty of applicants” for vacant Castleford Tigers job as Andy Last not given formal interview yet

THERE have been “plenty of applicants” for the Castleford Tigers job, according to interim boss Andy Last.

Last himself has yet to be given a formal interview with the club still a number of weeks away from deciding in which direction to go.

All the former Hull FC assistant can do is continue getting the best out of the Castleford players, something which he did in the 14-8 win over Leeds Rhinos last Thursday night.

“It’s a strange situation but I’m used to it. I’ve got to keep banging the drum and trying to get the best out of the group of players we have got which would hopefully be enough for the management at the club to make a decision,” Last said.

“I definitely want to take it on but the club needs to ensure that it’s the right decision.

“There have been little brief chats regarding the process. They are still taking applications, there are plenty of applicants and the club needs to have a look at them and verify them to make sure they are the right type of quality.

“Whilst they are checking what’s coming via email and with CVs, I’ve got to keep working and leading the staff and hope the performances showcase what we are doing well.”

Last confirmed that he has had yet to be given a formal interview, with the club giving the former Hull FC assistant time to impress.

“I’ve not had a formal interview as of yet, there has been no date pencilled in. The club did say they have got a four to six window to take in the applications and get a feel for things. In those four to six weeks, I’ve got to continue leading the team.

“If the players keep showing a real desire and want and connection with what I’m doing then hopefully I get the position. I’ve got to take my personal feelings out of it as much as possible and just show that I am professional.”