Radford happy for FC to be “fart in the room”

Hull FC coach Lee Radford has described his side as the “fart in the room” as they continue quietly going about their business in their bid to make the Grand Final.

The Airlie Brids won 26-16 at the Mobile Rocket Stadium against Wakefield on Sunday and are now third in the Super League table despite their negative points difference.

“It’s a massive win,” said Radford. “We know we’ve got to finish two points above anyone we’re level with because of our poor points difference.

“We’re still in there and still swinging. Nobody is giving us a mention. Everybody is saying about Wigan coming and making a charge for it and we’re like the fart in the room at the minute. I quite like that.”

Radford may be happy with his side’s performance but he was critical of the speed at which the game was played.

“I thought it was a poorly managed game. The ruck speed was Championship 1 and the 10s were of Championship 1 level.

“It’s something I’ve spoken to the official about previously. When it’s like that it becomes a slow game and I don’t know whether the supporters want to watch that or whether that’s a good advert for Super League.

“This isn’t me having a dig at him. His style of officiating is very slow around the ruck which makes it messy towards the back end.

“Some of the play of the balls were awful and the 10s – when you catch the ball and someone is staring you in the face it makes it difficult to play any footy.

“I’m a rugby league fan and I want to see the ball whistle and on a day like today it probably should have. It didn’t unfortunately.”