Rugby league documentary on Wigan Warriors in filming as brilliant insight into Super League club to be revealed

THERE will be a documentary released some time in the future, based on the Wigan Warriors and their preparations for and exploits during the 2024 Super League season.

Heading that documentary will be freelance producer, Joe Gardiner, who has worked in partnership with IMG and Channel 4 in the latter’s coverage of Super League during the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

For Wigan head coach Matt Peet, he has revealed the level of depth Gardiner and his team have gone to to capture the whole essence of the Wigan club.

“We love it and working with Joe and his team,” Peet siad.

“I don’t know what the end result will be but I know they’ve been with us through thick and thin from pre-season camp in Portugal to the preparation for the World Club Challenge. They are in most of our training and game days.

“They have picked up an unbelievable amount of content and whatever they decide to do, there will be a lot to choose from.

“Wigan, rugby league and sporting fans might want to see some of it. The way they go about their business, they are ultra professional.”

Peet also revealed that himself, his staff and his players have all been mic’ed up at some stage.

“We are pretty open when it comes to the media, it’s another stage of us giving us insight. We are all mic’ed up, staff and players are too.

“There are no boundaries, there is trust between us and Joe and his team. The club will have some say in what goes out at the end I’m sure.

“There have been some interesting moments along the way but it is built on trust. We have been open on what they have filmed.”

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