Rugby League World Cup Final paused as streaker vide emerges after being caught on camera by Castleford Tigers medical officer

THERE was one major laugh that emerged at the back end of Australia’s ruthless demolition of Samoa in Saturday’s World Cup Final.

That was because a streaker decided to make his way onto the field in what can only be described as interesting choice of clothing.

Wearing a red lingerie set with a wig tucked into the bottom as well as black trainers – which, of course, did nothing for his balance on the wet surface – the elusive joyrider took off around the Old Trafford pitch before being caught by the stewards.

Whilst the BBC footage steered away from the streaker, Castleford Tigers medical officer Nick Raynor managed to capture the hilarious moment through the lens of his VOGO head injury replay system.

Though repercussions are perhaps likely to follow for the streaker, he was pictured outside of Manchester United’s stadium conversing with fans as well as taking photos with fellow onlookers who clearly enjoyed the moment.