St Helens boss Paul Wellens responds to Adrian Lam’s pitch comments following Super League clash

ST HELENS head coach Paul Wellens has responded to Leigh Leopards boss Adrian Lam’s comments that the pitch at the Totally Wicked Stadium potentially needs to be looked at.

The Leopards suffered two serious calf tears to John Asiata and Tom Briscoe in their 12-4 loss to Saints last Friday, whilst a number of other players complained of tight or strained calves.

In the wake of those issues, Lam said: “The players are still quite heavy-legged now, we have had to readjust the schedule to make sure the players are freshening up. There was a lot of unhappiness about the heaviness of the field.

“Three or four other players had tight calves and strains, its something we are disappointed about but we can’t change that outcome now.

“Maybe the pitch needs to be looked at now to make sure it doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

In response, however, Wellens feels a heavy pitch is something not just limited to Saints.

“It doesn’t need checking. It’s been checked, and I’m sure it’ll get checked again,” Wellens said.

“Unfortunately, the field at the moment isn’t in the best condition and we acknowledge that. We understand it comes with it’s challenges.

“We’ve got ground staff here who are working tirelessly to try and do what they can to get the surface in as best condition as possible and that’s all we can do.

“I also watched a number of games throughout Super League – we’re certainly not the only club that is facing those challenges.”

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