Super League chairman reveals ‘crumbling’ season ticket sales alongside incredible business and sponsorship support

WITH Super League and the sport of rugby league still possessing some of the hangovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a difficult time for some clubs in trying to fully come out the other side.

Just one top flight side made a profit for 2021 – Wakefield Trinity – whilst others incurred massive losses.

For Catalans Dragons and chairman Bernard Guasch, it has been a tough time in terms of an older demographic of supporters with season ticket sales continuing to drop year on year.

Now, however, Guasch is determined to make it break in 2023.

“We are coming out of two difficult years in terms of subscriptions in relation to Covid-19 but we are hoping for a lot from this 2023 campaign,” Guasch told L’Independant.

“We have lost a lot of old supporters in the last two years. We knew we had an older audience, but this number crumbles from one year to another. We are at 2000 subscribers today.

“We try to attract young people. I appeal to all those young people who can turn to this sport to do so.

“We have trouble attracting this category of young people, despite the spectacle sport that we offer. We are going to enhance the level of communication at the start of the year.”

Whilst season ticket tale subscriptions are reducing, the same cannot be said of bringing in business money to support the Dragons.

“We are constantly progressing at this level. We have tremendous support from business leaders. We have over 400 local businesses that will get back to business this year.

“We are going to beat the records this year, so as to exceed five million private sponsorships in the department.”