Super League+ error revealed as RL Commercial apologises for issue

RUGBY LEAGUE COMMERCIAL have apologised for the error previously publicised that the two Super League games chosen for Sky Sports broadcast each week would be available on Super League+ 48 hours after being broadcast.

Instead, those games chosen to be broadcast on Sky Sports will not be available until 10pm GMT on the Monday night – 96 hours after the initial broadcast – due to licensing restrictions.

A spokesperson for the RFL has apologised and handed this statement to League Express: “From Round 4 onwards, these matches will become available to domestic SuperLeague+ subscribers at 9am on the Monday after the completion of the round – as opposed to 10pm on the Monday in the previous three rounds.

“We apologise for stating on the website that these matches would be available earlier (48 hours after they had finished) – this was down to an internal miscommunication, which we are have now corrected as soon as it was flagged with us.

“All other matches are available live to all subscribers, at home and abroad – and all six matches from every round are available live to many overseas subscribers, with the exception of certain selected territories which have separate broadcast agreements.

“We’ve been delighted by the positive response to SuperLeague+ since the launch on the eve of the season, and to the coverage of the first three rounds.”

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