Super League-linked winger now a Red Cross volunteer following Lebanon blast

IT’S a headline that makes you sit up and take note.

But, for one incredible man, that’s exactly the path being taken.

Towards the back end of 2022, Lebanon international and NRL winger Josh Mansour had been linked with a move to Super League – a link which grew stronger with the 33-year-old enjoying the World Cup experience in the UK.

What a lot of people don’t know about the blockbusting winger, however, is the fact that he is a Red Cross volunteer – something which is close to his heart following the blast in Beirut – the Lebanese capital – back in 2020.

Here, he explains just why he made the decision to volunteer and what he has been doing for the organisation ever since.

“I put my hand up, whenever there is an opportunity to give back I definitely do it and the Red Cross is a great organisation,” Mansour told League Express.

“There was a time in 2020 when the Beirut blast at the port in Lebanon happened and it destroyed the city. I got in contact with the Red Cross to do some charity and help raise awareness.

“Being half-Lebanese, it touched my heart and when they agreed to partner up I was really grateful for that.

“From that day on I’ve become an ambassador and helped out with any cause. I help out with the migrant school in Beverly Hills near where I live where migrant kids go to study.

“They are all born abroad and chose Australia to be their new home. It’s pretty special and I have been able to teach them the fundamentals about rugby league and that was rewarding as well.

Mansour explained how him and Lebanese teammates will be looking to go back to the Middle East at the end of this year.

“I’m really looking forward to going back. I haven’t gone back since 2009,” Mansour continued.

“After the World Cup, my coach Michael Cheika put a whiteboard of a list whoever was keen to go to Lebanon in October or November this year and three quarters of them decided they wanted to so this year it looks likely that we will head back.”

After leaving the South Sydney Rabbitohs at the end of the 2022 NRL season, Mansour now plies his trade for the Newtown Jets in the New South Wales Cup – something which he is loving.

“It’s been good, I’ve been really relishing it, I grew up around the area so to be playing at Newtown brings back childhood memories.

“It’s a special club and they have a pretty fanatic fanbase. It has a special aura and there is a very good group of boys there.

“I still have the NRL ambition. I would love to get back in the NRL if an opportunity arose but at the moment I am trying to worry about myself and my family.

“I’m not really thinking too much about it, I’m playing my game and putting my best foot forward every week and I guess if an NRL club came knocking I would definitely entertain it.”

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