Super League parachute payment talks continue

Talks between Super League and the RFL about a parachute payment will continue this week.

League Express revealed that the RFL are chasing a payment from Super League as a compromise for no promotion and relegation to take place at the end of the season.

The RFL delayed making a decision on the matter last week, a move that frustrated many.

But it’s believed one of the major reasons behind it was to give more time to strike a deal with Super League.

Super League pay £500,000 to its relegated club at the end of every season. However, they will not have to make that payment if relegation is cancelled.

As a result, the RFL is keen to receive a similar amount of money in exchange for promotion and relegation being revoked. That money would then be used to help out Championship and League 1 clubs, though how exactly the money will be used has yet to be agreed.

Super League chief executive Robert Elstone (pictured) has made no secret of the competition’s desire for there to be no promotion and relegation, although the final decision rests with the RFL.

One of the reasons clubs don’t want a team to be promoted is because they would be entitled to a split of the central funding. As it stands, Toronto don’t receive a slice of the pie because of their own individual agreement, but if they were to be replaced by another club they would then have to split the money twelve ways, not eleven.

The RFL has said it will make a decision on promotion and relegation, as well as the future of Championship and League 1, by July 23rd.