Swinton board of directors resign with immediate effect

Swinton Lions’ board of directors have resigned with immediate effect following opposition to rebrand.

The club released a statement on Friday saying they could not continue due to the opposition to the proposed changes.

The statement read: “The response to the change of the playing name to Manchester Lions has been significant. There has been resounding support but, as expected, equal opposition.

“On the point of opposition, as a Board, we have to expect criticism and challenge. However, the behaviour of a number of fans has been appalling, including threats of violence towards Board members. That does not belong in any club and is shameful.

“Opposition was fuelled by the actions of the Mayor of Salford and Councillors of Swinton & Pendlebury releasing a letter objecting to the Boards plan. The Board met this with an open mind, responded with request for an urgent meeting, but to date had no reply.

“Following the Board letter to the Swinton Lions Supporters Trust asking for its position we have, to date, not received the formal support of The Swinton Lions Supporters Trust. As such we take this as a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in the plan and the Board itself.

“Finally, it saddens all members of the Board that their integrity and motives are questioned. We collectively contribute substantial time, money and resource to make this club the best it can be, for the club. Most of all for enjoyment and the family culture. This has unfortunately gone.

“Having assessed all of the above, It is with regret that the Board of Directors of Swinton Lions RLFC Limited resign their position with immediate effect.

“This afternoon we will ask The Swinton Lions Supporter’s Trust to form a succession plan to take the club forward.”

Stephen Wild has agreed to remain as sole director on an interim basis until a new board is formed.