The two clubs Cronulla Sharks legend Andrew Fifita talked to before horrendous injuries forced his hand

IT’S official, Cronulla Sharks legend Andrew Fifita is retiring.

The hulking forward announced as such at a Cronulla training day today, despite the fact that he had two offers from different clubs.

Now, Fifita has revealed just who those two clubs were.

“I had spoken to (Manly’s) Dessie (Hasler) and (Canterbury’s) Cameron (Ciraldo) about helping them with some leadership in their pack next year,’’ Fifita told the Daily Telegraph.

“I was keen to help Cam in his first year to help get the team gelling in year one.

“And the same with Manly, they’ve got a stack of strong youth coming through, but they need a senior figure.

“What killed me was the medicals. When you’re leaving a club you have an exit medical which analyses your body.

“The doc sat me down and ran me through it all.”

Fifita made 22 appearances for the Sharks in 2022, but an exit medical showed just how bad things were for his body.

“The MRI scans showed that I could keep playing, but I would need to push through a fair few things that my body needs work on,‘’ Fifita said.

“I need osteotomy surgery on my left knee, that’s when they actually cut the bone and add tissue to realign your bones.

“I need my left ankle surgically straightened, I need a right shoulder reconstruction, my nose bone is collapsing, so I need a nose reconstruction.

“I need my middle finger fused, a right elbow arthroscopy and I’ve lost all my back teeth, so I need dental surgery and teeth implants.’’

The barnstorming prop also revealed just why he decided to hang up his boots.

“I know that another cub would treat me with respect, but the person who opened my eyes was (twin brother) David,” Fifita continued.

“He said, “What have you got to prove?

“He grabbed me and said, go into your study and have a look at the walls.

“What else do you want? You’ve got everything you’ve ever achieved in that room right there.

“My three international jerseys, my Origin jersey and all my Cronulla medals and awards are on the walls.

“I’ve done enough in the game.’’