Tony Smith lambasts Hull FC axing as not the “right step” as he opens up on Richie Myler appointment

TONY SMITH believes that his axing by Hull FC was not the “smart” or “right step” at the time it happened.

Smith was given the elbow by the Black and Whites in early April following just one win at the start of the 2024 Super League season.

Since then, Richie Myler has been appointed as director of rugby, whilst Brisbane Broncos assistant John Cartwright will be heading up the new project at the MKM Stadium as head coach.

For Smith, who was talking on Sky Sports for the first time since leaving Hull, he believes he wasn’t given enough time.

“It’s a big project and given time and the right sort of resources and support, I don’t think we’d be in the situation they’d be in they’re in at the moment,” Smith said.

“But I can’t back that up, it happened and I’m fine with it. There was a change of direction and me not being there, I’m okay with.

“However, I don’t think it was a smart step or a right step at that time – by all means change the coach at the end of the season, but let a coach go through that season and then make your change.

“It was surprising and it was a drastic change of direction but I understand, after the announcements that came out a few days later, I totally get it. There was a change in direction as to where the leadership was going.”

Smith was then asked if he was referring to Myler’s appointment and whether that was linked to potential investment into Hull. He responded: “Yeah, absolutely. I would think so. I don’t know all the facts, the ins and outs, but I would imagine so.

“But even that direction changed. Rich was a player I coached and had some time for many years ago.

“However I’m not sure we would have been the right sort of partnership to get these guys to where they need to be, and this club to where it needs to be.”

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