Toronto to take games abroad in 2020

Dublin, Florida and Barcelona are among the potential locations Toronto are considering to take games to upon their arrival in Super League.

The Wolfpack look set to take some of their home games on the road at the start of next season with the climate making it difficult for them to stage games at the beginning of the year.

It’s believed that Toronto would like to stage games on the road against the clubs they would play at home against twice due to loop fixtures, meaning each club would only travel to Toronto once.

There are a stack of logistics to sort out before then, but speaking at a Wolfpack press event yesterday, Brian Noble shed light on some of their plans.

“There’s nothing in concrete but bear in mind we’ve only just qualified last weekend, we’ve got to apply for fixtures, to go certain places, but have places like Barcelona, Florida and Dublin been discussed? Absolutely.”

“We’re here to create an impact and occasions. Where we can do that we will. Clearly we have to work with our partners at Super League and make sure that can fit in. We want big fixtures, we want to be part of events, we want to showcase the game.”

Toronto were due to play against Sheffield Eagles in Belgrade earlier this year before logistical issues forced them to relocate the game to the UK.