Toronto Wolfpack set up hardship fund for staff and players

Toronto Wolfpack have set up a hardship fund in an attempt to raise funds for unpaid players and staff.

Club employees have gone six months without pay and have no indication they will receive the money owed after Super League’s decided against readmitting the club.

Prospective owner Carlo LiVolsi had said he would pay salaries if the club was reinstated, but that will now not happen.

As such, a GoFundMe page has been created in the hope of raising some money for those left without pay.

A statement read: “We fully understand the hardship being faced by everyone globally at the present time. This is a hard working and dedicated group of people, who have hopefully brought a lot of enjoyment into many people’s lives during the Wolfpack’s short existence, and any contribution that you are able to give at this time would be gratefully received.”

You can donate here: