Wakefield Trinity pitch issue addressed by RFL following Catalans Dragons fixture

QUITE a fuss kicked off during the week following Catalans Dragons’ win over Wakefield Trinity last Friday night.

Whilst Catalans took the two match points back to France, they also took home some gruesome blisters and bruises from the new pitch at Belle Vue.

At the time, Catalans boss Steve McNamara blasted the gory scene in the Dragons’ dressing room.

“The boys have got no skin left on their legs, it’s a big issue for Wakefield moving forward. I haven’t seen anything like that in terms of blisters and blood like that in there,” McNamara said.

“I’m not a fan of the new pitches if that’s the outcome. That’s going to create issues I’m sure and they will have to play on it every other week.

“I didn’t realise it was quite like that. I’ve seen pictures during pre-season, but it’s an issue. That’s the worst dressing room for skin taken care off legs without a doubt.”

Live on Sky Sports last night, pundit Jenna Brooks revealed that the RFL and Match Commissioner had been made aware of the problem and that “plans are in place to rectify the problem” according to the Wakefield club.

The pitch itself is a hybrid mix that was laid in pre-season with Halifax Panthers and Featherstone Rovers also having to play on the new surface, though both those teams didn’t speak out about the surface.

Chairman John Minards shared a photo of the new stand last night, but also hinted at an attempt to protect the Wakefield surface with a fleece blanket.