Warrington Wolves deliver promotional video with TikTok famous ‘Wakey Wines’ ahead of Super League clash

THE world of social media can certainly make something well-known and famous in an instant.

Well that has certainly applied to one particular shop in the city centre of Wakefield, namely ‘Wakey Wines’.

Owner Mohammed Azar Nazir has become a TikTok sensation, selling bottles of the drink Prime – set up by Logan Paul and KSI – to customers for as expensive as £1,000 a bottle at the off-licence in Marygate, Wakefield.

Walking past the shop, there is security on the doors both in the day and at night with Nazir keen to protect his pricey goods.

Where does all this fit in with rugby league? Well, Warrington Wolves host Wakefield Trinity at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Friday night and Warrington’s mascot ‘Wolfie’ took a trip to ‘Wakey Wines’.

The mascot and Nazir took part in the usual caper that is involved when a customer buys one of the expensive Prime drinks.

Just this week, a customer spent £12,000 on 12 bottles of the new Prime drink Lemonade flavour!

On the field, Warrington will be hoping to stem their two-game losing run against Wakefield – a side that has yet to post any points in the 2023 Super League season despite ten games in.