WATCH: Warrington Wolves’ Sam Burgess and Hull FC’s Richie Myler involved in post-match incident

WARRINGTON WOLVES’ head coach Sam Burgess and Hull FC’s director of rugby Richie Myler were involved in a heated post-match incident following the two sides’ clash last night at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

Warrington had been controversially docked a substitute prior to their 24-6 win over the Black and Whites due to what was described as “administrative error” when filling out their team sheet.

The Wolves had reported that Adam Holroyd had been included in their 21-man squad but when named in their matchday squad, the club was informed that he hadn’t been confirmed in the original 21-man team.

That meant that Warrington only had seven substitutions to make during the 80 minutes rather than the allotted eight.

But, Burgess was particularly unhappy with the way in which Hull had not allowed Warrington to keep that eighth substitution, instead choosing to enforce the rules.

Burgess spoke after the game to Sky Sports, claiming that it was the wrong choice to make: “It was poor management from someone. We put our 21-man squad in and Hull and Richie had a decision to make before, if they would accept it, but they wouldn’t.

“I find that disappointing in today’s world where we talk about player welfare. We named a 21-man squad and it’s on our social media and it’s public.”

Burgess has also called for someone “to be held accountable”, explaining: “We’ve got to get it right. We talk about concussions and protecting our players and tonight we failed. Someone needs to be held accountable for that.

“We had a choice to make before the game and we didn’t make the right choice for the players. If it had been the other way around then I’d have made the right choice for the players, regardless. Get on board, what are we doing?”

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