Why tonight’s relegated team will be hit financially more than before

The Super League side relegated tonight will receive around £450,000 less in central distribution money compared to previously relegated sides.

Earlier this year, Championship clubs agreed to flatten the way their central distribution funding is split among its clubs, with small incremental rises between each league position.

This is drastically different to procedures during the Super 8s era, where the clubs finishing in the top four received significantly wealthier payments in comparison to the rest of the competition.

The side that is relegated on Friday will effectively receive funding as the top team in the Championship. However, that is set to bring in just £400,000 of funding next year, less than half what they would have received during the Super 8s era.

The side defeated in the Million Pound Game would be regarded as the top side outside Super League, which would have entitled them to around £850,000 of funding the year after.

As a result, the stakes could not be higher for Wakefield, Huddersfield, Hull KR and London, who could all face the drop tonight.

The £400,000 funding next year will see a drop of over £1m in comparison to being in Super League.

However, TotalRL can confirm the team relegated will still receive a parachute payment worth £500,000 to ease financial pressures.