Widnes Vikings make formal complaint to RFL following incident

WIDNES VIKINGS have made a formal complaint tot he RFL following an incident regarding comments and a photo aimed at player Nick Gregson.

Last night, Gregson spoke out against his former coach, Alan Kilshaw, after a photo of the 28-year-old with a noose around his neck was allegedly circulated inside the Swinton Lions dressing room.

Gregson, who was a former Swinton player under Kilshaw, suffered another dislocated shoulder in the Vikings’ 24-12 loss to the Lions on Sunday afternoon.

However, the 28-year-old took to social media to vent his disappointment at his former boss after being sent a number of messages and an explicit photo of his face.

“Well done to Swinton, they were the better team in the end today but I just needed to post a message on here after some thing I’ve been sent and told regarding the Swinton coach Alan Kilshaw. I gave blood, sweat and tears for years for Swinton and was a big part of keeping them in the Championship last season and this is what’s in the dressing room from the coach Alan Kilshaw along with targetting my injured shoulder which he kept shouting in the game I’ve been told.

“I am probably done for the 2024 season now after it (shoulder dislocation) coming out again today and maybe even my time at Widnes, who knows. But I go out to provide for my family and enjoy myself with my mates, to see a picture of me with a noose around my neck and have the coach of a club I have given a lot to openly wnat to injure me and probably other players also is outrageous.

“We play probably the toughest game of all for not much money and have to have a full-time job on top of that. I am absolutely devastated we lost today and also that I probably can’t play again this year but there is more to life than rugby league and that’s just not something I want any part of if that’s deemed acceptable.”

Now the Vikings have responded with their own statement: “Widnes Vikings can confirm that following information on social media tonight regarding Nick Gregson, we have made a formal complaint to the RFL, who have acknowledged it and are launching a full investigation.

“The club is 100% behind Nick and is offering him whatever support he needs.

“In view of the now ongoing investigation, the club will be making no further comment.”

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