Wigan Warriors boss Matt Peet calls for a strong London Broncos in Super League

WIGAN WARRIORS head coach Matt Peet has called for a strong London Broncos to be involved in Super League.

The writing was on the wall for the capital club before a ball had even been kicked during Super League 2024, given the fact that their IMG score of 8.07 ranked them 24th out of 36 professional clubs.

That, inevitably, means that the Broncos will be relegated after just one season, regardless of where they finish on the ladder.

For Peet, he wants to see a stable London included in Super League in the future.

“I think the first thing is everyone would love to see a strong London Broncos,” Peet said.

“It would be great for British rugby league and Super League so I think that the long-term objective should include London Broncos in there and build to where they can eventually a hold a place in the top flight.”

The Wigan boss also had kind words to say about the way in which head coach Mike Eccles and his players have gone about their business this season.

“I think second to that, Mike (Eccles) and the way his team have attacked this year in difficult circumstances, they have done it with honour every time they take the field.

“Everyone understands that they are up against it, but they don’t moan and play the game the right way.

“I just feel like they have done and given it their all and they can take a lot of pride from it. They’ve got a lot of class about them which isn’t easy when they are losing games.

“I feel like every game they compete, they are connected with one another. I think they can hold their heads high.”

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