Wigan Warriors boss Matt Peet surprised at Lee Radford’s Castleford exit as he gives warm words to former Tigers boss

BEING a coach in Super League can often be a lonely job.

Under pressure to win games, when the going gets tough, it can often result in the loss of a job.

And for Castleford Tigers boss Lee Radford, his departure from The Jungle after just over a year in charge was perhaps evident of that.

The Tigers are currently sat 11th in the Super League table with no wins from their opening three games but for Wigan Warriors boss Matt Peet, his first thoughts are with Radford after explaining he was surprised at the decision.

“I was surprised, it’s not my place to speculate, I just know he is a quality coach and well-respected,” Peet said.

“He has built numerous teams over the years and it’s someone who won’t be out of a job for long unless he wants to be.

“I certainly wish him all the best, I just hope he’s alright. It’s Castleford’s and Lee’s prerogative but I hope he’s alright as a fella.

“I don’t think he needs to reinvent himself as I think he will find another role and apply himself as he always has.

“As much as coaches have a certain skillset, there are other things that come into play with luck and timing and I’m sure Lee will prove a success elsewhere.”

Peet also believes that, despite being rivals, coaches are quite close given the pressures on each and every one of them.

“My experiences have been positive, more so I’ve enjoyed a good chat and swapped messages and we are very supportive of one another,” Peet continued.

“Although there is a rivalry there is an understanding of the pressures of the job.

“I got messages from senior coaches who offered me support when I first took the Wigan job and I’ve met the likes of Daryl Powell and Tony Smith away from formal meetings.

“We have shared ideas and it’s nice to know behind the coach there is a person and a family and then you get more empathy when they go through tough times.

“I won’t be the only one hoping that Lee is alright. We all know it’s coming at some point that phone call or knock on the door.

“It’s (being a coach) got pressures and a life span.”