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In Topic: John Duffy signs new contract

Yesterday, 03:53 PM

Not according to that wart of a newspaper the M.E.N.

He is STILL 'Jon' Duffy even though they've been informed God only knows how many times. Question is, is it deliberate? It certainly seems to be.


"Jon Duffy’s team are playing well and the evergreen Stuart Littler was again at centre as they turned in a fine team performance..."  Link below.




Yesterday, 03:30 PM

Beer was much better fifty years ago


And as I recall, much cheaper too (in real terms). When I turned 18 (1964) it was generally 1s/8d (8p) per pint for bitter and 1s/5d (7p) per pint for mild. Lager hadn't really arrived yet.




23 March 2015 - 09:38 AM

Only one try scored? Was the game so formulaic then that they struggled to make breaks????


Ha, ha, very funny


22 March 2015 - 10:34 PM

I think defence is key to our success,


I've always believed that. Back in the '60s when the Lions were just that, and rampant too, we had a terrific defence. One match which stands out as a prime example of that rugged defiance in defence was our epic 2nd round Challenge Cup triumph at Post Office Road in 1965 when only one try was scored (Ken Halliwell) against a Rovers side who hadn't lost at home in the CC for years. So much so that the natives were so aggrieved that we had to board the coaches sharpish to avoid nearly being lynched. Boy, were they upset that a Lancashire side had dared to take the spoils on that day 50 years ago now.



In Topic: Have they finally seen the light?

21 March 2015 - 04:34 PM

I'm only here for the beer!