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In Topic: Albert Blan

Yesterday, 11:10 PM

Found Albert's obituary online in Wigan Today. Link below.






Thank you Albert for all the good times.

In Topic: Are we ready ?

Yesterday, 03:00 PM

Welcome back Lions. Are you still playing at Leigh?


That's a bit of an improvement as lots of folk (on another planet) still think we're at Bury

In Topic: BBC coverage of Lions

Yesterday, 02:54 PM

@BlueMonkey you could not be more wrong about about either disinterest or 'can't be bothered' about rugby league, or *Swinton* specifically or the BBC website: my team make it.



Not the slightest impressed with your views. You either have 'standards' or you haven't.


According to your line of thinking it wouldn't have mattered one iota in the old days (1960s) when we had two Robinsons (Brian and Dave), two Williamses (Graham and Reg), two Robertses (Ken and Trevor) and two Halliwells (Frank and Ken) if they were shown in the programme minus their initials. 


This kind of thing is called 'attention to detail'.


Unrepentant I remain.

In Topic: BBC coverage of Lions

05 October 2015 - 10:53 PM

But, and here's the rub with Auntie Beeb, if you go to the RL results pages you’ll find they can't be bothered giving a scorer's initial when there are more than one player in each team with the same surname.


Sunday's match at Widnes is a good example of this 'can't be bothered' attitude. Our try scorers include a try by 'Lloyd' which should have had been 'Lloyd, R' (Rhodri) as his namesake Aaron also played for the Lions on the day.

And to add to that, one of the Keighley try scorers is given just as 'March' when there were two with the same surname playing (twin brothers). In the past we have had 'Hawkyard' as a scorer without saying whether it was 'R' or 'D' who had got the try.


Nit-picking or not, I have complained via their website on this point. This only demonstrates a notable lack of accurate reporting and a clear disinterest in what's in front of them.

In Topic: Lions and Tigers

05 October 2015 - 10:27 PM

Ooops, Dyslexic fingers to the fore. :blush:  Does anyone know how to edit this.


Please ignore that request, I've just spotted the edit button.


'Loins'/'Lions' - perhaps this was, as they say, a Freudian slip and subconsciously you had 'loins' on the brain.