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  1. I keep hearing rumours of Umyla going to Rugby Union, anyone else heard this? Hope not
  2. Just throwing a name out there who personally I would love to see get a HC job Dave Elliott
  3. Who is considered to be the favourite for the job? Trying to think of an experienced coach that's available, surely that's the way Town will go next
  4. I think the key to Toronto's longevity will be success, they've had a good few years nearly got back to back promotions and are currently sitting top of the Championship so the fans are used to having it quite well. The true gauge will be when they get to SL and aren't winning every game and go through tough times we'll see if they really are a novelty or here for the long term I'm not being negative, sports fans are incredibly fickle and when the going gets tough some just leave. It'll make things even tougher because TW have some incredible competition from the other sports in Toronto so if one team aren't doing so great they could always go to another sport in the meanwhile. As for the Ottawa and NY bids my only real worry about them coming in is the player pool is so tiny especially in the UK is that is their enough players to go around and of sufficient quality? Or will these teams be the last call of top NRL players wanting to experience USA sport and get a final big payday? I do agree however that it's a very exciting time for the sport
  5. How is Xavier getting on so far in his time at the Skolars? He came with a good reputation and playing for a great club over in NZ, Northcote Tigers. I was expecting good progress
  6. What's the latest with Matthew Lodge? Heard Brisbane Broncos were interested in him
  7. For the past 3 months I've had one side of my shoelace 2 and a half times shorter than the other side
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