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In Topic: Positive move relating to playing side of club?

Yesterday, 10:34 PM

When Oldham had it's Service Area, and it was the envy of the RFL, everybody involved did so on a voluntary basis. Where as WIgan, Saints, Warrington etc were attached to their SL counterparts and the coaches were paid to do the same job. 

Oldham not only competed with these clubs, they became successful in what they did. On the odd year, they suffered due to not having the quality of players available than other age groups, but it was rare.

This could happen again, and ORLFC would benefit from this sort of structure and organisation, and there would be many capable people willing to get involved, coach etc for NOTHING, as before. Not everybody involved with grassroots or rep rugby is money orientated, and are there for the good of the game and the town. 

Something people seem to have missed or are not aware of is that our under twenty's team two seasons ago had eight Oldham born and bred lads playing for us, but what happens we then get rid of an experienced coach with local connections, to make a position for an experienced retiring player, with no coaching experience or local connections to the detriment of the team.


Under the coaching that was in place a number of these local lads have signed contacts with the club this was not done through last seasons coach who  did not really want the job, but the position was made for him in his benefit year, not by our chairman/owner but by our coach who could find no other position for him.

In Topic: Jason Boults

Yesterday, 05:18 PM

This post was started as a thank you to Jason Boults not for it be developed by a childish idiot to slag CH and the loyal supporters of the club once again.

In Topic: Jason Boults

18 December 2014 - 08:19 AM

is he coming up to haven to join the deakin revolution

If he is you will get a good 100% grafter, cant see the logic of letting him go especially with our lack of experienced forwards?


Oh forgot we might get  a dual reg one from our partners!!!

In Topic: Maureen Woodhead R.I.P

18 December 2014 - 08:14 AM

Deepest condolences to all the family, lovely lady, RIP Maureen.

In Topic: Positive move relating to playing side of club?

17 December 2014 - 04:32 PM

Again another reason why I have had the struggle to motivate myself to go and watch Oldham. After being involved for over 12 years, I see myself totally in disbelief of the game as a whole, and why Oldham feel the need to do this. As a home/away supporter and have been involved with the club from SL1, it breaks my heart to see where the club is and the sport.

Oldham is a hot bed of talent that Salford, Huddersfield, Wigan, St Helens and Warrington exploit every single year. You only have to go to any game from 13 years up in the Oldham area and there are more scouts on the touchlines than a national jamboree. Yes, the club cannot compete with SL clubs blowing smoke up the backsides of these players and promising them the earth, and at 16 they get rid. As no money has been paid to the player in all that time, apart from some fancy dan tracksuit and training gear, there is NO commitment from the SL club at all, the commitment is only one way - the parents and the player. Oldham need to me more proactive in sweeping these players up as soon as they are released, and believe me when I say it, there is some real talent out there that has been dumped by SL clubs for some bizarre reason. One under 16 has been dumped by Salford because he isn't big enough! Yet is an outstanding player who lives, breathes RL. By Oldham being more proactive, they can build upwards, without relying on Huddersfield and Salford, who are only in it to give their fringe players competetive game time, and have a more moral stance in sweeping the touchlines on a Sunday morning at Churchill, Stoneleigh or Waterhead Park. Look how Salford allowed Ford to go to Sheffield when Oldham needed him to see how committed they were. Oldham can get the youngsters through from 15 upwards with very little investment, Featherstone do it from this age, so why can't we? Incidentally, Featherstone have four Under 15s training with them! 

Absolutely well put could not agree with you more, what the hell do we need dual reg players for, at the cost of our own players who turn up for every nights training only to find come weekend their place has been taken by an outsider from elsewhere who doesn't know the team or its tactics. The idea is bobbins