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In Topic: Points Deduction?

Today, 07:06 AM

I'm sorry but if he's played and he's over the limit (which he will be), then unfortunately batley have to be punished, and must be deducted points. Along with Dewsbury and Donny if it's true. It's a bit of incompetence on your boards behalf, we are regular users of dual reg but still abided by the rules.

you're lots used it that much this year all wigans young players will probably be qualified to play for you yet a side badly hit by injury uses it when they really need it and now looks like they've accidentally not read the rule book right on this .. Rams have only used just used 1 dual reg all season, Sam wood from bulls in just the last few week of the season due to injuries, and have documents from the bulls regarding woods salary, which states it's below 20k. Our chairman believes we've done it all by the book so I expect us to be fine. Either way it shows how much of a joke dual reg is! Wish we'd never used it.. Hope we all get rid of it next season

In Topic: Attendances

Yesterday, 09:00 AM

More can be done though. We also have to take into account the Asian public of dewsbury are not into rugby

In Topic: Attendances

30 July 2014 - 04:06 PM

Some good points by coolie. The game day experience for young ones and families could be something the work on.. Iike face painting, other kid activities... local bands if we get that stage and picnic area up for next season, all would help create a better match day experience but we do need to get them into the ground for a start and surely the best way is to give all juniors free season tickets in dewsbury? Doesn't even have to be a season booklet kind of ticket, could just be a season card. We still don't market the club well enough to our amatuer clubs, or schools and never go into town promoting the club on weekends! What we can't afford to do, is ignore the poor crowds and do nothing. We need to get the rams brand out there to people in our town and make sure people know we do actually have a rugby team in dewsbury!

In Topic: Attendances

30 July 2014 - 01:32 PM

So its Glenn's fault - is that what you're saying?

nope, nothing to do with Glenn, I just don't understand why the crowds have dropped so much? Maybe it's because the price of season tickets got increased since the cheap season ticket offers but this is a poor excuse considering we still have probably the cheapest in the league?

In Topic: Attendances

30 July 2014 - 11:25 AM

I actually find it weird that since glens arrival 2 year ago home support seems to have gone down by around 200, yet we've played a lot better stuff this season and the lads deserve a lot more. Champ 1 and our first year back in the championship we'd get between 900-1000 in just home fans. We do need to work on this as a club, with the help of us fans imsure we can get back up to them crowds. We need to work together though and put our ideas forward.