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  1. Jason Roy again.... wafting about outside off.... absolute sheeite
  2. England's batsmen are no longer capable of occupation at the crease...
  3. Quick sweepstake What score does the 3rd wicket fall... Me.... 43
  4. Oh for a top order of Geoff Boycott ....absolute knob Chris Tavare... most boring man ever David Steele.... pulled out of his allotment to play cricket. They'd have been 203-2 at close having bored us all to death all day but england would be in the game. Application....English batsmen cant do this anymore. Even Botham's sh it or bust innings of 81 (i was there) was more symptomatic of his career at thr time than owt else..... Just graft a bloody innings and learn how to leave a ball alone ffs.
  5. Id be happy to wager that Denly goes before the score is 60
  6. If confirmation were needed that the england top order are shot at this level....
  7. Cant imagine anyone from fev saying anything to him if we have the chance to play york again
  8. As suggy said earlier.... fev are favs. York have been stroked a couple of times by fev this season. That and recent form would suggest fev favs. But that doesn't follow that fev will win.
  9. I don't do the MOM thing so its largely out of my zone.... but i kind of lost the gist of this thread some days back.... Adam might well have got it right and summarised the issue right enough..... Now, im off to whinge on about brexit again....
  10. Both got positives. Id go render..... it'll be jonno..... no big issue either way.
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