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  1. £40 quid back from a £5ew bet. Happy enough
  2. Like the pil lock that I am..... i back fev rover in the 14.25 @ Newmarket today. I'm not sure its got a leg on each corner!!
  3. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/new-neverspoon-app-discourages-people-18561672
  4. Is the fighting cock still going and is it still as good? It was one of my fav uk pubs that at one time. I just don't get over there nowadays
  5. The boy reports not one scrap of trouble. As reported, those seeking carling/smiths are advised to drink elsewhere. He targets middle aged couples who have duly arrived, behaved sensibly, bought into the safety measure and generally had a nice time. Police arrived....twice.... saw a load of middle aged folk listening to fleetwood mac..... they were happy and suggested they could have shared such an experience.... He closed early (9.00pm) both days to avoid the late barm pots..... despite this, his numbers were good. I've done my share of daftness in my youth. I like pubs like this now but I'll wait a while yet till everything settles down and where I'm comfortable with the risk
  6. The lad's tap reopened today. Table service. Proper spacing. His usual clientel .... usually 40+years old couples behaving quite sensibly. Steady business throughout the day. Visited twice by police for a courtesy check which got approval.... the nob eds don't tend to go to his place....... he's not after carling/smiths drinkers. I'm not going yet, but it appears to have been well managed on re-opening day and all who came were happy to engage in safety measures
  7. I wouldnt cook with it. I genuinely couldn't find a use for it even at 10p/pint.
  8. Jeez.... Got the dribbles when I want the lav so called doc. Any new backpain? Well yes as it happens. Groin sore? No, but it itches something rotten. Leg swellings.... yes... to my left leg.... So.... i now have to go get my walnut felt up and have my PSA levels done on Monday. I'm in hyperpanic mode.....
  9. I can't say as I've been in many. The ones locally are awful. There are other viable options I would always choose before spoons.... just my preferences. Just cos I choose not to use them doesn't mean others can't. Plenty of pubs out there all needing our business. Bringing this back to the thread as opposed to a tim Martin kicking (by mainly me), the spoons local to me do reflect the desperate holes they are situated and the clientel they serve.
  10. I dislike them Neils.... i haven't been in one I've enjoyed and the owner I find vile.... loathsome even. So keeping away from spoons is a fairly easy decision. CKN... thats not necessarily a political point.... i just dislike him across a whole range of reasons. Im a nurse. I live in rawmarsh Rovrum. Make your own assessment as to where I sit on the Sunday Times rich list..... and I certainly would not under any circumstances take my kids into the spoons at wath or Mexborough. Not a cat in (sounds like bells but starts with H) chance!! I genuinely prefer to use smaller pubs/taps etc. My local tap makes free tea or coffee for the driver!! Yes... im a grumpy b'stard?
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