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  1. Aye, if Luke's unavailable Nice problem to have.
  2. Meant jouffret in halves ffs!!!
  3. Hally n briscoe wings, sammut at full back wi chiz and Jouffret in halves and sutty/minnsy in centres Robert's ya mam's eldest brother.
  4. Pretty much as I see it LTSS.
  5. I'm not being obtuse... these are genuine questions i dont have answers to. Last i heard about 7-8 years back, they cost a huge wad
  6. With respect, thats not answered my question. Where does the money come from and what impact does that have on the senior team? We will still have access to the reserves thought to be good enough wont we?
  7. I understand the need for a reserves. I do. And I've largely kept out of this debate. Watching the reserves midweek used to be great when it was a meaningful competition..... However, running a reserves costs clubs like fax n fev a bloody fortune. Where does that come from? What will the impact be on the first team budget? Last time i asked (daryl was coach), the numbers involved were frightening.
  8. Don't start me on the brexit debate Nick..... I'm managing (badly) to supress my ire on that subject..... I could have mentioned almost any uk town to be honest.....
  9. Whithensea.... there must be centres for the past life.....
  10. If circumstances permitted, (they don't), i would move to Vancouver in an instant.... but anywhere in Canada would be considered. Its a proper chilled out country. Its cities are clean. It isnt angry like the uk. The transport systems are fab and i know its an oft used cliché, but the folk i have met have been most hospitable without any exception. I once got bol locked in jasper for driving too fast, the bloke couldn't have been more polite or considered when speaking to me. I was in Donny yesterday. It was aggressive, at times intimidating and threatening. It wasn't pleasant.... it was untidy, there was an unpleasant smell and kids off their bits on spice were hanging out of shop doorways. Now, I'm not saying Canada doesn't have issues, it does. But the stark real comparison was there for all to see last night in donny. #shieeitehole.
  11. Always looking for a cheap shot thee..... What a tart
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