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  1. Don't think she's done much more with her youth than the rest of us. She just did it with someone who, if discovered, would result in international notoriety.... and it came to pass. Had she engaged in the same activity with my mate Dave from Ponty, nobody would have heard of her. She sounded a well grounded interesting lass when I heard her speak. A likeable soul.
  2. Yes.... cultured!! I spoke with him last week. He always makes me chuckle.
  3. I'll bet Monica's sleep hasn't been disturbed too much overnight.
  4. A sensible re-directive therapeutic activity. A model of self-care I use frequently. I'm surprised the NMC haven't made more of it!!
  5. https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-philippines-president-shoot-violators-lockdown-orders-20200402-6svpclrdz5eptkksuyecvjepp4-story.html Bug ger about with the lockdown rules and BLAM....covid-19 won't be troubling you anymore!! Ok I can't get the link to work. Basically the president of the Philippines has authorised permission to shoot those who flout the lockdown rules....
  6. What kind of be'elzebub's utterance is that? Interact with our families?? Satan, begone!!!!!
  7. He wiggles n jiggles..... he's like a snake!! brilliant....
  8. https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-04-08/spain-will-slowly-return-to-normal-life-starting-on-april-26-says-government.html?ssm=FB_CM_EN&utm_source=Facebook&#Echobox=1586353778
  9. Fifty tharsand quid from keighley.... wiv ad im gid!
  10. John Hill was the gold standard. Recently, Vausey's brief tenure had me in tuks
  11. I'm rattlin for rugby.... but I kind of hope I'm around to see the next game.... Unless its away to leigh.... then of course a one way ticket to Zurich is a considered option...
  12. I scored some nytol earlier.... Reminds me of fev v cas 2012. As is my wont, I get myself wound up in games. So much so in this game I was in the last orders on station lane with a bangin headache. It was packed. I asked if anyone had got any paracetamol? The replies were instant. I could have had heroin, cocaine, ket, diazepam, MDMA, phet, ganje..... any illegal drug I wanted.... I just couldnt get any paracetamol!!!!
  13. 900+ deaths in the uk. Still.... folks can take their clubs and play crazy golf in rosehill park. Absolutely nuts. This is Rovrum folks!
  14. It would frighten me sh itless to be I'll in the usa if I didn't have an all risk insurance health cover
  15. As am I and much to my daughters amusement.... she has two cats!
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