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  1. Its not other end of the universe Steve.... I'm sure there will be taxis to share...
  2. I became grandad.... i love being grandad even if it means I'm regularly covered in chocolate and ketchup I 'semi'-retired which I'm enjoying immensely. Campbell turned Rovers around, we won a few games and now we're getting a bit giddy again. Im ten years older, 3 stones heavier and the gingerness is being replaced with white and I'll be 60 next which is craopla.... but much better than the other option too many of my friends have experienced.
  3. Just out of curiosity, what would have been the consequences for yourself if you had said "sod that, I'm going on that date" and just left?
  4. Do we need yet another politics thread? Facebook is bloody full of it. This has always been a refuge from all that sheeite
  5. I had a free ticket for that game. I chose not to go. Chantry brewery are a sponsor.
  6. A month or two is the norm.... mine was three months. My daughter decided that enough was enough so walked.
  7. Must have been day day for it. My daughter walked out on her job on friday too. Pretty much for similar reasons......
  8. I got a trouser tingle when he scored that! I thought Vausey was going to explode at the end!!
  9. On this occasion Steve, he's quite correct!
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