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  1. Cant imagine anyone from fev saying anything to him if we have the chance to play york again
  2. As suggy said earlier.... fev are favs. York have been stroked a couple of times by fev this season. That and recent form would suggest fev favs. But that doesn't follow that fev will win.
  3. I don't do the MOM thing so its largely out of my zone.... but i kind of lost the gist of this thread some days back.... Adam might well have got it right and summarised the issue right enough..... Now, im off to whinge on about brexit again....
  4. Both got positives. Id go render..... it'll be jonno..... no big issue either way.
  5. I've heard and read some of the comments Pete. The more grounded and may i say "older/experienced" fan appears more discerning on the subject.
  6. Yup.... Mindst... i can still chuckle at fax's recent forrad swap!
  7. There are 106 miles to Chicago, we have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Elwood Blues.
  8. “Virgil—that's a funny name for a n#gger boy that comes from Philadelphia! What do they call you up there?” "They call me Mr Tibbs"!
  9. I bought what might have been the last bottle of compass box Asyla available in the UK from a gaff in Derbyshire yesterday..... its one of my fav blends.... quite remarkable considering its 50% grain whisky...... i love it. Its now discontinued with no plans to blend more due to supply issues.
  10. The bar isnt set very high....
  11. Thats as good as keegan hurst signing for fax!!
  12. I dont really do MoM.... Good performances today all across the park..... That swinton 7 is a gobby little sheeite.... I'd take him.... good hands and an ittitating little 2@ for the opposition
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