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  1. The Leeds game was a dour affair. It happens. The rest were great.
  2. One of the best games of rugby I ever watched was fev v cas at academy level in 03. That game had everything. As enjoyable as tuppin the aussies wi 12 men at Wembley.
  3. Even the wheelchair rugby is enjoyable. Those bug gers throw themselves about going full tilt at each other. Very enjoyable
  4. A fabulous performance at what is perhaps my second club at my second fav ground. Absolutely made up for batley tonight. Enjoy y'all
  5. When I see the police helicopter. The plethora of crack houses. The pungent smell of Ganje. A Ford cortina on bricks in a garden. Aggressive homeless threatening for money. Industrial blight. Dog sheeite all over the pavements. Ahhh yes folks.... as I prepare to leave the far north of Scotland driving through the Highlands, the spectre and odours of Rovrum awaits.
  6. I remember buying three rosebanks (2 were presents) in 1984. My fav lowland. They'd be worth a min of 5k now
  7. My preference is a single malt but I'm not averse to a dram from the JW range. Compass box do some fabulous blends and the now defunct Asyla was an amazing example of a perfect blend (for me). I'm up in the North of Scotland at the mo so I've bought 3 bottles from clynelish - my fav whisky and Brora is a lovely place to visit. A 14 year old, a distillers edition and a bottle your own cask strength are coming back with me. Then, on the way back from Dingwall we took the mountain route as the sun was shining and the scenery is breathtaking. On the way back would you believe it, we found ourselves in the car park at Balblair. So I treated us to a 15 & and 18 Yr old. I've even bought some speyside whisky marmalade this morning! Short of trying to catch a haggis on the hills, I've bought loads of Scottish stuff to bring back.... but that cask strength clynelish is what I'm looking forrad to most. Christmas day digestif
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