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  1. This morning..... bacon sarny.... nowt else will do..... plain old bacon sarny. I've got home cured streaky on my own home made breadcakes.... and its bloody gorgeous. Now there are those who taint this shear delight with brown or heaven forbid, red sauce. Not me..... Time to rock n roll
  2. For reasons too complex and personal to go into, i threw cards about willy nilly about 15-20 years ago accruing enormous amounts of debt. I spent 9k on a cruise to the Caribbean with upgraded flights and cabins etc. Last year, i spent €300 on 8 nights in a cheap shed in the loire valley. I used my tesco points for free tunnel crossings. Mates had the shed next to us. It was one of the best hols i have had in france. Expense never has guaranteed enjoyment and that was the perfect example. I have booked again this year. I've paid more this year.... €424 for ten nights in a shed whilst i scrat around vinyards and hidden away restos taking in plait du jours for €12 a go. Pal just returned from an aqua class cabin Singapore to hong kong cruise... premium economy flights over Christmas.... £11,250. Time was, i would have jumped at joining them. These days I'm in a much more contented place where i can be utterly consumed in a hol that ticks all my boxes for next to nowt. I dont chase new tech or designer sheeite....(though getting designer sheeite in my size is a hoot). Its nice having a few bob. But debt is a killer and its pizz easy to get there. I got mine sorted. It took six years. Three months after I'd finally settled the companies who were hounding me and making my life a soddin misery, were then offering me thousands of credit again. Its immoral.
  3. Rat tomago One of these days Difficult to cure
  4. No. I was embarrassed. My name isn't robin.... its yashpal and im a goat hearder from tibet!!
  5. Church of the poison mind..... There.... I've said it...... satisfied now??
  6. I don't know what it is that being a grandad means my wallet is permanently empty!!! Got grandson here right now for two days..... he's that ginger you could see him from the moon!!!
  7. I put his death in the same category as tom.petty and rick mayall et al as the entertainers i will miss the most.
  8. This and a combination of redundancy and a career change left me up sh it creek. It got ridiculous the amounts i was paying in interest alone. It couldn't continue.... and it didn't. The worry, stress and distress and feelings of helplessness that i recognised in my pal, I've felt first hand. A plan. Managed and adhered to every month meant i got a break. Someone else was doing the arguing with debtors. I was managing the debt.... not debt controlling me. Its been sorted a few years now and the sense of relief overwhelming. It really can be sorted. Just speak to an independent and get the ball rolling. Some of the behaviour by the banks making debt freely available is not much more ethical that dealers offering a free bag to try....
  9. Pal of mine not been himself lately to the point i was becoming concerned. I nipped round to see him. After a good hour of prizing info out of him, the reasons for his poor mental health, distress and sense of desolation... turns out is debt. Now, having been through and come out of the other side of debt and being happy to provide help and counselling, i knew what to do to resolve the situation and get the lad back some life. You can see the sense of relief on his face. He has a well managed plan and can now see a future. Why don't people discuss debt? Leaving it resolves nothing and it just festers. Help really is available and it can be overcome. People happily discuss their sexuality, drug& alcohol addictions, gambling, obesity..... even seek help for more unhealthy or illegal activities..... But folks in debt just clam up???? Come on folks..... if you're up sh it creek moneywise, just talk to a specialist. Get it out in the open. Get a plan together. Its not the end of the world..... Love n peace
  10. Im on 3 agents for hypertension..... the side effects are crapola in that department..... but better than a stroke.
  11. Saturday night.... just me n the memsahib.... bottle of decent single malt.... feet up.... good vibes.... The perfect saturday night.... Just done with let it bleed... Now on to forever changes......
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