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  1. The 'addendum' to their Wikipedia page made me chuckle
  2. If they come back down to the championship its going to be a right ball ache trying to convince the memsahib that me wazzin another £1500 up in the air on another trip to Toronto really is a good idea.
  3. I've lived here since 84. The memsahib was born here. But I never knew Gordon Banks played for Rawmarsh Welfare.
  4. Who are the broadcasters willing to pay? Take it or leave it calls have been put before other sports. Which broadcaster is sat there with millions more just for rugby league?
  5. I just wished I could get my ar se over to fev and see some rugby. Its doing my pellet in this!!
  6. I would have toulouse in instead of Toronto right now..... if we were doing the shoe in expansion thing.... as much as losing that fixture for my club would seriously hack me off
  7. I doubt there would be a sport left.... but yeah..... equal scrutiny .... especially if licencing comes in
  8. As we need to treat the criteria for inclusion in SL the same for all clubs.... cos that wakey and cas gone..... Toronto has its plusses. Its detractors will point out flaws in the clubs existence well before covid and the logistics. If the cost of their inclusion puts a significant hit on half a dozen existing clubs is the cost worth it? Neither you or I have the info to judge that. Expansion for expansion's sake is nuts. Currently their is no governance at strategic level in RFL to support expansion. I would suspect the until there is expansion will continue on a wing and a prayer
  9. I never said RL is perfect.... it isn't....and its on its ar se.... skint!!
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