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  1. I've stuck to the protocol and law as much as I possibly could have done. There will always be anomalies some of which have been prominent throughout the pandemic. However, that scenario does have me shaking my head.
  2. So.... just for arguments sake.... I go over the Sheffield and buy a ticket for their home game with fev. What's to stop me? How do they check I am a fev fan. How do the know I'm just an RL fan with any particular allegiance?
  3. I'm sure that wasn't the only reason. BUT, it was certainly sold to us with that as a primary reason. We got close in the early 90's. Then the aussies stepped on the gas and disappeared over the horizon.
  4. This morning school run involved my 6 Yr old granddaughter making a critique on performance , production and singing abilities of the post modern jukebox version of wannabe. Apparently it "wasn't sharp enough"! Just go to school Lilee love.
  5. It's been nuts at fev.... huge scramble for season tickets and queues for match tickets
  6. I know my teams station..... I'll take any accolade, no matter how small!!
  7. Cracking observations there Mark. Chiz had a blinder. It will be difficult to leave him out. If I'm honest I'm still buzzin from Sunday........ "Dixon's going to catch him"!
  8. You are right of course....but I still maintain we were a good 2-3 scores better than York and as the score suggests. A bit more composure and the drop goal was irrelevant. Barring one held up they never got a sniff in that second half and were unable to add to their points tally in almost the last hour.
  9. Have a bit more confidence George. He's got Batley playing some lovely stuff at the mo. PH post above is where I see the placings.
  10. Just expediting the end of the discussion. Saves an awful lot of froth in between.
  11. Right. That's your stance. I don't agree. Just reading back it would appear most take an opposing position to yourself for reasons offered by various posters. And no-one on here (to my knowledge) are SL decision makers. That's that sorted then.
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