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lorne mosley.

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#2873552 Toulouse continue campaign for Super League 2015

Posted by lorne mosley. on 02 February 2014 - 09:00 AM

The idea that different rules will apply to Toulouse to the detriment of others is interesting. I think some of this stem from ideas that tend to be banded about by people who feel it's happened to them and it becomes part of RL folklore and myth. There have been all sorts of mistakes made in the history of RL that could appear this way but they were more or less all just errors of judgement that affected someone who wasn't happy about it. I would give examples here but that would only bring out the RFL has always had it in for us theme and trolls who prefer sinister motives and hidden agendas behind every tree. The inclusion of Toulouse in the new set up would mean they have to win their way into which ever bit of the three 8's they can and even if the RFL ( or Machiavelli House ) were inclined to favouritism they'd be hard put to change results.


Toulouse is not about making the SL stronger it's about making it more interesting and making France stronger and providing England with some nearby tougher opposition! 



You are Le angelo mysterio and i claim my fiver

#2866378 The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Posted by lorne mosley. on 19 January 2014 - 11:23 AM

I would be delighted to see Featherstone having a crack at Super League, as long as the club can retain its financial stability.



Like every  club in Super league are ?