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  1. Please this IS just my honest opinion,Fev are on a roll, fantastic ,some things end , i really hope not,fax have had a hiding,again just my honest opinion ,i just feel friday could be a backlash FEV 18 FAX 28 ,STRING ME UP LASH ME if iam wrong, oh how i hope for this
  2. respect to you stuart
  3. bbc were never going to show our game they are so predictable and so bloody awful
  4. the name mark aston makes my blood boil bought for a shedload,did not turn it on and then left ,cost fev more than money in my opinion, has any one got any other angles onthis
  5. yes bob i have never met you but am on the forum allthe time , the very best of wishes to you
  6. maybe snake1985 these one game wonders have families andcannot always get and yes you have touched on a nerve
  7. 40-6 mom Ian Morrison ATT 1550 too strong for town
  8. Iwas at the game today ,so pleased for fev ,played really well,can i throw something up in the air , and it is just my opinion, in my eyes we were giving penalties away in daft positions, could that find us out or am i seeing things differently, interested in other peoples views
  9. Iread who is in and who drops out still no place for the papuan lads , i ask the questoin WHY, i hear they have played really well
  10. what date is the workington game
  11. how many more games do we have
  12. Ok then lets go into our first league or cup game totally cold
  13. Surely with the season a matter of only weeks away DP needs to get the first teamers on to the park as soon as possible starting today ,just my opinion
  14. Bob, i do not know you from adam, However , the time i spend onthe rovers forum,sometimes commenting ,mostly,veiwing,foregive me ,i know i am a softie through and through,your words have touched me ,a thouroughly spot on guy ,to my mind, .