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  1. Mark Smith released by Widnes

    Hope we sign Smith .....great at this level.
  2. Play-offs

  3. Championship 2012 Season

    Tuff on the club that goes down.....welcome to the real world of RL. Did the SL clubs have any sympathy for Widnes when they were relegated to make way for the frogs......NO, or when certain clubs were given a franchise for promising new grounds etc (which they ain't delivered on).....NO. SL clubs were warned by the RFL ages ago that they had to get things up to scratch and they ain't delivered (at least Salford have done ground work etc so far)....so I have no complaints if they get the chop. If there`s any justice Widnes will be going up.
  4. Brian Carney on B&A on Wed

    Correct.....Carney was implying that there are teams outside SL who have been getting their clubs in order by sorting the stadiums and youth development etc ....... these clubs should be given a chance. As for Leigh had blown their chance.....complete rubbish. Leigh only had 1 season in SL (unlike Widnes and Fax), when we earned promotion we were in a no win situation as there were no players available and was always destined to go straight back down.If we had been allowed 3 years guaranteed SL it would have been a different case and we would be a lot stronger in the long run........ there are a few SL clubs in there who haven't improved at all....Salford,Cas,Quins to name a few.
  5. Brian Carney on B&A on Wed

    Silence Satan.
  6. Leigh V Featherstone. Tues 8pm

    We were rubbish and the best team on the night won......3 games in 9 days showed but no excuses - far too good for us tonight. Well done
  7. the moaning leigh thread as started

    Best team on the night won.......Well done. Our lads looked out on their fett with it being the 3rd game in 9 days.......... thats the cards we were dealt and no complaints from me (apart from the prat in the middle). Well done on the win and see you all later in the season
  8. Leigh V Featherstone. Tues 8pm

    Agree pal....hope the best team wins (we will lose sooner or later, no-one will go undefeated).......roll on 2moz - looking forward to this one. COME ON LEYTHERS.......COME ON LEYTHERS
  9. Leigh V Featherstone. Tues 8pm

    Leigh 26 - 10 Fev MOM Ridyard Att 1895.........low gate due to being a Tuesday game.......how many of you guys are coming over?
  10. hello mate, what do u thik about sean coming back to leigh